Why choose yoga?

Everyday is a blessing and maintaining gratitude for a life filled with love, peace and joy is what allows us to be the best humans we can be. Yoga gives us that chance. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is a LIFESTYLE. It is living by Yogic Philosophy. It is eating pure, wholesome and nutritious foods that grow and nurture our bodies. It is maintaining balanced work, home and social relationships. It is choosing to have a healthy mental well being. It is realising your worth and understanding who you are and what part you play on this beautiful planet. It is choosing to live your journey and re-write the history books without limitations, judgement or expectations. It is accepting every single part of your life, the way it is and not for the way it could have been or should be. It is living as your true soul self. Yoga is YOU.  


2021 Yoga Class Schedule.png


Single Class Pass ~ $12.00

3 Class Bundle Front.png

3 Class

5 Class Bundle Front.png
5 Class Bundle Back.png

5 Class

10 Class Bundle Front.png
10 Class Bundle Back.png

10 Class