About Us

Xpression Dance Academy was founded in 2016 by Principal Owner Director Miss Maggie Pyke. Her love and passion for creativity, diversity and unity through movement, brought together the academy's foundation and vision. At XDA every child is valued and nurtured at their own individual pace, incorporating each students strengths, talents and differences into every lesson and performance. At XDA we pride ourselves on providing the best quality dance tuition whilst encouraging students to explore their imagination and achieve their dreams.

Meet Our Teachers

Miss Maggie


With over 17 years of dance experience, Miss Maggie has completed her Beginners and Intermediate Gymnastics Coaching Courses, First Aid and CPR Certified Training and also is undergoing her Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training and Cert IV in Dance Teaching Management. Miss Maggie has conducted numerous productions for the Academy and also volunteers her time at local schools teaching dance and creative arts movement. When she is not dancing or planning for the studio she is spending time with her 2 year old son and partner enjoying the simple things in life. She believes that everyone deserves a chance at pursuing their dreams and the things they love no matter the location, experience or heritage. She is a very passionate, vibrant and loving teacher who prides herself on putting in the time and effort into every student, challenge or life situation she encounters. 



With over 13 years of dance experience, Miss Ella is First Aid and CPR Certified and is currently completing her studies to become a Vet Nurse. When she is not tapping her life away or grooving to the music, she is putting all her love into beautiful animals of all shapes and sizes. Miss Ella has a very outgoing personality and is very approachable and easy to get to know. You will often find Miss Ella cracking jokes around the studio and making everyone laugh. She currently teaches our Junior Jazz 2 and Junior HipHop 2 classes. Xpression Dance Academy is very lucky to have such a family friendly teacher like Miss Ella and we value her brilliant contribution to our ever growing Academy.



With over 9 years of dance experience, Miss Lily has been our longest Assistant Teacher within the Academy. She currently assists with our Junior Jazz 1
and Junior Ballet classes. She is currently in Grade 9 and enjoys anything that keeps her active especially all things Dance and Yoga! Miss Lily is well known for her kind heart and gentle soul, ensuring all students and teachers are happy and comfortable and always offering a hand to help. Xpression Dance Academy is very blessed to have such a gentle and caring assistant teacher like Miss Lily who always gives her all and we value her wonderful contribution to our Academy.



 Miss Halee is entering her third year as an  Assistant Teacher within the Academy. She currently assists with our Tiny Tots Jazz and Tiny Tots Ballet classes. She is currently in Grade 10 and enjoys anything that includes dancing or being creative. Miss Halee is known for her super explosive personality that lights up any room she enters. She is jam packed with positivity and encouragement to the highest of levels. Xpression Dance Academy is very thankful to have such a fun and vibrant Assistant Teacher like Miss Halee and we value her incredible contribution to our Academy.



 Miss Cassi is entering her second year as an  Assistant Teacher within the Academy. She currently assists with our Junior Jazz 1 and Junior Ballet classes. She is currently in Grade 9 and enjoys all things Acro/Gymnastics, Dance and Touch Footy. Miss Cassi is known for being very calm and relaxed. She is a go with the flow kind of person and though it may take some time for her to come out of her shell, she is always full of excitement and gratitude. Xpression Dance Academy is very thankful to have such a well balanced and dedicated Assistant Teacher like Miss Cassi and we value her amazing contribution to our Academy.