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Twinkle Toes Dance Fun: 1-3 Years

Tiny Tots: 4-6 Years

Juniors: 6-10 Years

Intermediates: 10-13 Years or by ability

Senior 1's: 13-15 Years or by ability

Senior 2's: 15-17 Years or by ability

Advanced: By ability only

Adults: 18 Years and over



Recreational Classes

Acrobatic Class

A diverse class for those who wish to improve their Acrobatic skills as well as gaining Strength & Flexibility through a strict training regime. All ages and abilities are welcome.


Twinkle Toes Dance Fun

Designed for little ones aged 1-3. The class includes access to our Costume Dress Up Rack in which the students can try on and dance in for the lesson as well as lots of fun and exciting sensory and auditory based activities with bean bags, balls, scarves, coloured rubber spots, hoops, tambourines and so much more! Learning basic fundamental skills and building upon ability to follow instructions and interact with other kids making the class not only educational but so very important to their development and growth into tiny humans. Whilst having FUN!! Parents and Guardians are welcome to join in to help boost confidence as well as guide their little ones along the way


Join the ultimate dance fitness party by losing yourself in the music and finding yourself in shape. Zumba is a recreational dance fitness class which combines simple yet effective choreography to improve health and fitness levels of all individuals. No experience is needed and absolutely anybody can give it a go!

Dance Class

Irish Dance​

Irish dancing is performed in solos and groups. It is made up of a number of styles and traditions, which developed from French and English dances and formations with both hard shoe and soft shoe practices. A combination of old and modern step dance and Irish jig performed to traditional hornpipe rhythms.

Adults Recreation

This class will incorporate Jazz, Hip Hop and/or Contemporary styles, depending upon the class choice majority. Just like the Adults Concert Class without the concert and costumes.

Black Chunky Stilettos

Adults Heels Class

An 18 and over class for those wanting to unleash their inner fire and sass. Jazz and HipHop styles performed in Chucky High Heels. You will find yourself unlocking that fierce feminine side that has been locked away or pushed to the side. Who run the world? Girls!

Concert  Classes


An artistic dance form which is characterised by light yet strict movements establishing original turnout, technique and discipline. (Tiny Tots and Juniors Only)


An up tempo fun classic style in 4/4 timing with a forceful rhythm and classic Jazz technique. A style suited for beginners or for fun with basic and challenging movement qualities.
(All age groups)


 Modern style, commonly referred to as ‘street dance’. This genre involves isolating parts of the body to create illusions through movement. Many of these movements include popping and locking, freestyle dance, break dancing and some post-modern Jazz turns and jumps.
(Junior Onwards)


 A post-modern adaption from ballet, which incorporates contractions, suspension and flow through rhythm. Arms are graceful, while using strength in flexibility and acrobatic elements. Contemporary dance generalises both pull/push force movement, whilst continuing to use classic turns, leaps and kicks. Best described as the dance of emotion. (Junior Onwards)


 Tap is similar in Jazz techniques, whilst incorporating sound through percussive tapping of the feet in time with the beat of the music. Many associate Tap with musical theatre and cabaret dancing. (Junior Onwards)


 This class will incorporate Hip Hop, isolations, floor work and some Jazz whilst building strength and coordination, for boys only!


 This class will incorporate Jazz, Hip Hop and/or Contemporary styles, depending upon the class choice majority. This class is for those who possibly danced when they were younger and wish to find that creative spark and love for dance again. However, this class is perfect for new comers who may have never had the confidence to give dance a shot. Either way, you are bound to find yourself grooving along and having fun with a great bunch of ladies!